What’s the Best Treatment For Adult Acne?

Well, it is just not fair! You finally got over those awkward adolescent years and thought you were done with the breakouts – only to find you now suffer from wrinkles and adult acne. Well, you’re not alone.Over 50% adult women suffer from acne and over 25% of all males experience adult male acne. And, to make matters worse, up to 1/3 of those adults also experience body acne. So, it’s easy to see why there are so many adult acne home remedies and adult acne treatments on the market.Research from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science shows that is there a rise in acne in older people and the symptoms lasts longer which means the required treatment lasts well into the late adulthood – mid forties.As you probably already know, this is very distressful for middle aged adults who are now also dealing wrinkles too! That is why your acne treatment needs to be strong but should not dry out aging skin.What Causes Adult Acne?While we’re not completely sure of the reasons why some adults suffer from acne and others don’t, there is some speculation that it’s connected to the hormone androgen which is present in both men and women.When our hormones become unbalanced and there is excess androgen, the body begins to make a excess oil – causing bacteria to grow which leads to pimples and breakouts. Some women have found that birth control is an effective hormonal acne treatment because it lowers the hormone androgen.Other possible causes include:- Stress- Poor diet- Congested toxic liverHerbal Treatment for AcneThere are many of adult acne products that claim to be “adult acne cures”, but in my experience of evaluating and researching acne, there really isn’t a Cure. But there is a simple way to treat acne that is gentle, and heals the acne, and is not just topically, but works from the inside too. Which is why I suspect it’s more effective than just your typical “dry -out-the-skin” product.I have found that when acne suffers use a combination of a gentle skin wash and topical gel which contains a mild 2% salicylic acid (which is great for wrinkles too!!) along with Medowsweet and Spirae Ulmaria extract there were able to help reduce infection, breakouts, redness, and heal the skin.In addition to this, take a daily Chinese herbal supplement that contains specific herbs for healthy skin… like Neem, Chaste Tree, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Honeysuckle, and more…….. the acne sufferers get better and faster results. And they won’t have damage their already aging skin with overly harsh chemicals