When Adults Get Acne – The Unique Hardships

Are you over twenty and still worried about having clear skin? If so you are not alone. Adult acne is very common. When I reached the age of 25 and continued to strive for clear skin I was dismayed to say the least.Many people believe that acne is a problem that teenagers alone deal with. It’s true that a lot – if not most people ‘outgrow’ acne but then there are the many that suffer with this affliction late into adulthood. Another misconception is believing that the affliction is easier for adults to deal with than it is for teenagers. It is clear that many adults suffering with acne have difficulty dealing with the physical, psychological and social effects of this condition. In fact, many adults seem to be more self-conscious about unclear skin than the typical teen with acne. After all, as an adult you are expected to have this problem eradicated.According to recent studies, acne is an increasing problem among adults — the amazing part is that the reasons or causes for this are not always clear. Regardless of the victim’s age it is clear that the physical and psychological effects can be long-lasting and cause problems. According to studies and reports from dermatologists adult acne is more likely to leave permanent scars. This is because skin loses collagen as it ages. Collagen enables the skin to bounce back so without an abundance of it the acne is likely to create scars that are often unable to heal. But the physical trauma is only one of the issues an adult must deal with.The psychological scarring can be much more difficult to handle. This is in part due to the many misconceptions related to adults and acne. Adults are ‘expected’ to deal with the psychological impact of the acne. But in reality, the ramifications of these scars can be severe because acne has been perceived to be a condition specific to teens. Some adults are even embarrassed to seek help for their problems – they shy away from admitting that they have an acne problem at all.Thanks to advancements in medications, treatments and simple spreading of the word more and more people are realizing that acne is in many cases an adult issue. This realization will hopefully tend to clear up some of the misconceptions. Over-the-counter medications have been improved in recent years. This provides an affordable, effective and secretive way for adults, as well as teens to get the treatment needed to achieve the clear skin that we all admire so much. The sales of such products are on the rise – just as the awareness of adult acne is.More attention is being given to the psychological issues persons suffering from acne must deal with. If theses concerns are addressed head-on the individual is more likely to find effective ways of dealing with the stress and frustration involved in the acne affliction. Some people with acne resort to avoiding social situations due to their perceived stigma attached to having acne.Discovering the cause of the acne is the key to successful treatment. Simply by acknowledging and accepting the fate one can move toward eradicating it from his/her life forever. The social and psychological problems are usually resolved in conjunction with the physical matters.If you are an adult acne sufferer -don’t despair – help is available. Seek assistance from your doctor. Chances are your condition can be treated with over-the-counter medications.